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Online Safety Update

It has come to our attention that a number of pupils have youtube accounts and have posted videos of themselves online. You tube is a fantastic source of information, fun and self expression but it is important to oversee how your child uses the site and support them in staying safe.

  • Use a username that does not link to your own name
  • Don't wear your school uniform in videos
  • Get parents permission to upload videos and the permission of any other person appearing in the video.
  • If you get your early warning signs, tell someone.

Here is a useful Parents' Guide to You Tube.


Thank you for your support


Safer Internet Day 2017 was Tuesday 7th February

Follow this link for more information for parents.


Online Safety Update 15/12/16 - Instagram

We have been made aware that some of our older pupils are using Instagram as a way of communicating with each other outside of school.  Please ensure that you talk to your child about their online activities and reinforce our 3C's of being safe online.  Instagram have produced a very useful parent guide  which can be found below.


Acceptable Use Agreements

As the online world continues to grow, keeping ourselves, our pupils and our children safe online continues to be increasingly important.


At Westgate, we teach pupils about the potential dangers online while ensuring that their online experiences remain interesting, exciting and knowledge enhancing. We teach pupils how to stay safe online using the 'SMART' rules:
Picture 1

If pupils are able to talk and learn openly and honestly about the possible dangers online, they will be confident about what to do to report unsafe behaviours and make informed decisions and choices. Pupils must learn to be responsible for their own safety online. 


The 3Cs of online safety

Content – Is what I am seeing appropriate for me?

Contact – Is what this person saying to me safe?

Conduct – Am I behaving in a safe and respectful way?


Concerned? Speak to your child's class teacher, Mrs Daniels or Mrs Tyrell (online safety coordinator) 


Further information: - Information, Advice and Support to Keep Children Safe Online - Staying Safe Online | Facebook


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