Taking A Holiday During Term Time

Taking A Holiday During Term Time

Holiday during term time

Start of the school year (first trimester)
September 4 (in some places September 6)

Autumn half term
October 23 to October 27

A short break from class is always marked by the celebration of Halloween (October 31st) on the last day off before returning to school.

School Holidays and Christmas Holidays
December 22 to January 3

Depending on the area of residence, the end date of the first trimester varies. Many schools have closed earlier, starting December 19th. Employees of successful companies often receive extra days off from their employers between Christmas and New Years for family relaxation.

When is the second trimester?

January 4 is the start of the second trimester.

Spring half term
February 12 to February 16

Rest during the second time term is also small, and the schedule may vary.

Easter Holidays

Easter falls on April 01. Everyone has a rest in the country from March 30 to April 2. Easter holidays are long. Schools go into hibernation a day or two before Good Friday, and return to life in mid-April.

When is the third (summer) trimester?

April 16 – everyone for classes.

Early May bank holiday
We do not work or study on the first Monday of the month – May 7.

Summer break for schoolchildren – Summer half term
May 28 to June 1.

Many have similar school closures during the third trimester.

We do not work or study on the last Monday of May – 28 May.

Long-awaited school holidays in summer
July 24 is the last school day in England.

July 25 – the beginning of the Summer holidays.

It turns out that British students finish the school year much later than their peers in Europe. However, remember that Saturday classes and evening shifts are not typical of British education. Role-playing games, sports activities and academic courses on Saturdays are practiced by the most reputable private schools and boarding schools.

Can I take my child out of school for a holiday?

There are several exeat weekends during the school year when the child can leave school if he or she wishes. Most often, children spend exeat weekends with their guardians. Also, on these days off, the child can be taken from school by the parents if they are in England at the moment.

The school day in most schools in England (except for kindergartens), as a rule, starts at 9 am and lasts until 3 pm. The second half of the day is devoted to sports, visiting clubs and hobby groups.

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