What Kind Of Support Is Available For My Child?

What Kind Of Support Is Available For My ChildTo resolve your doubts and concerns, the staff members are ready to provide you and your child with full, qualified psychological support. The most common difficulties are the following:

it is difficult to let a child go to a foreign country;

These problems are especially vividly manifested in adolescence: children are already too emotional, vulnerable and at the same time strive with all their might for independence, actively defend their uniqueness and individuality. At these moments, children really need both parental care and professional psychological support – advice and help from a psychologist after precision teaching worksheets arranged. The psychological assistance program is conventionally divided into three stages.


The specialists strive to find out the initial readiness and state of the child in order to competently draw up a further action plan. For example, during the first meetings in Westgate reading, such difficult moments may come to light:

Depending on the initial observations, a further plan of psychological assistance is built.


An experienced specialist, having identified your problems, will offer the most effective and comfortable ways to solve them. This therapy is as personally oriented as possible – each session is built taking into account personal needs and characteristics, and the number of meetings with a professional is also set individually. In many ways, the effectiveness of therapy depends on the support of parents, their willingness to help their child, interest in his development and solving problems.


This stage of support is already remote – specialists continue to monitor the child already during his studies at the new British school. These can be Skype conversations, email, or meetings during school holidays. For a child, such consultations help to significantly reduce emotional stress: he feels all-round support, understands that even in an unfamiliar country he is not alone, he is thought of and cared for.

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