Will I Know If The School Has Concerns About My Child?

Will I Know If The School Has Concerns About My ChildFrom the very first days, teachers notice children at risk. Students may not attend an educational institution for weeks, and there may be no contact with disadvantaged parents. At school, these children are rarely able to follow elementary rules of behavior. The situation is worse when students show signs of deviant behavior, have been noticed in theft or use of psychoactive substances. A lot of attention is required from teachers to the students at risk.

Disciplinary sanctions, in particular school attrition, are applied as an exceptional measure. The same can be said for fines for minors. The question arises, whether there are more “gentle” methods of influencing students that can be used, for example, for primary or secondary school students.

One of such measures is the intraschool registration.

Imagine a situation where a primary school student repeatedly deliberately causes serious harm to the health of one of his classmates. I will note right away that the school has no right to expel a child, it is also impossible to impose a fine for causing harm, since the child has not reached a certain age. It is possible to send a child to the psychological, medical and pedagogical commission only with the parents’ consent. If parents regularly consume alcohol and are not interested in their child’s problems, then it is extremely difficult to achieve their consent.

What will be the school’s actions?

Each case of harm to health must be described by the teacher in a report to the headmaster. The teacher in the memo should indicate why he could not prevent the incident. Also, in the event of harm to health, it is necessary to document the injuries that the student inflicted on his classmate. This can be done by calling an ambulance. It is often necessary to help the police, who must record the fact of an offense at school.

After such procedures, the student can be registered in the school.

The school directly encounters problem families and difficult children.

That is why the educational institution is obliged to:

There are cases when a social educator and the administration of a school may decide to register children from well-to-do families on records.

Parents may not always notice changes in the behavior of their children, especially during adolescence. If the parents are interested in raising their child, then the registration of the child may not be mandatory, provided that the child’s behavior did not entail adverse consequences, did not have a systematic nature. Perhaps a conversation with the class teacher and parents will be enough for the child. When parents discuss the topic of in-school registration, they have a lot of questions and concerns.

For some, it seems that in the future this will have irreversible consequences, for others that this is already a sentence that cannot be challenged. In fact this is not true. Performance at the Higher School of Economics is more of an educational measure, because it entails an increase in attention to the student on the part of the school and parents. Such a measure is designed to correct the child’s behavior, make a child follow school rules, and solve a number of psychological problems.

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